Grant Schemes

Grant Schemes

“ The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago….the next best time is now ”

(Ancient Proverb)

Due to our fertile soils and favourable climate, many tree species grow faster in Ireland than elsewhere in Europe. Forestry has an increasingly important role to play in the countryside and is part of the answer to the financial problems currently facing traditional agriculture.


Now is time to think about planting areas of land that are difficult to manage such as…

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  • Flat, damp, rushy areas.
  • Steep areas that are dangerous for machinery.
  • A small side farm some distance from the main farm.
  • Land let to a neighbour or relative, often with poor financial return.

Most new woodland planting in Northern Ireland is grant aided by the Forest Service. This is a general outline so please contact us for more details. 

We offer a free initial site survey & advice without any commitment.




1. The Forest Expansion Scheme (“ tree grant ”) Phase 4 is due to open in summer 2018 for new applications.

  • The minimum area that qualifies is 5.0 Hectares (12½ acres) all in one block.
  • Planting & maintenance costs for the first 5 years are grant aided.
  • Livestock must be excluded and the area planted is eligible for annual payments (“ grass money ”)to compensate for the loss of income irrespective of farming status (landowner / active farmer).
  • These Annual Payments range from £280 – £425 /Ha (£112 – £170 /acre) depending on land classification and are paid for the first 10 years after planting.
  • Basic Payment Entitlements are retained when planting new woodland.
  • In addition, landowners become active farmers on the planted ground.


2. Other Grants are also now available from Forest Service for the management of existing woodlands and for the replanting of felled areas.


3. The Environmental Farming Scheme similar to earlier Countryside Management Schemes is expected to open again in February 2018 for the Higher Level (targeted at land within environmentally designated sites / priority habitats). In August 2018 it will open for the Wider Level (land outside of environmentally designated areas).

  • All applications must be made online through the DAERA website.
  • EFS is not a ” whole farm ” scheme and agreements last for 5 years.
  • The planting & maintenance of native woodland on areas up to 5.0 Ha (12½ acres) is grant aided.


please contact us for more details about the grants available.