Harvesting & Marketing

Harvesting & Marketing

Forestry Harvesting


Getting the best possible return for you timber at final harvest is vital, no matter what size of woodland you own.

At Farm Woodlands we do not buy your timber but instead use our extensive knowledge of local timber markets to plan the harvesting and sale of your timber. This ensures that you get the highest price possible.



logpileOur harvesting & marketing service includes –

  • Initial crop assessment – to establish the quality & quantity of your timber.
  • Submit felling licence application.
  • Organise & plan the harvesting operation.
  • Supervise the harvesting.
  • Sell your timber to the best market.
  • Supervise the timber removals from site.
  • Collect payment from the timber buyers.


Lorry2Why choose Farm Woodlands to harvest & market your timber ?

  • We comply with industry best practice and guidelines.
  • The harvesting is carried out efficiently and safely.
  • We carry all the harvesting & haulage costs ensuring you are not out of pocket at any stage.
  • All timber is accounted for using our docket tracking system.
  • You get paid promptly on completion of the sale.

Contact us for a free initial woodland assessment & advice.


Woodland ThinningWoodland Thinning.

In addition to harvesting mature woodlands, we offer thinning services for younger woodlands. Thinning is the removal of a percentage of the trees in order to provide growing space for the remaining ones. This results in bigger, more valuable trees at final harvest. Thinning usually begins when the trees are 10m – 12m tall, so trees planted in the early 1990’s are ready now.

Generally income from thinning is modest because the harvesting costs are high and the quality & quantity of timber is low. Nevertheless, it provides an income and will increase the value of the final crop.

                                                    Contact us to find out if your timber crop is ready for thinning.