Planting & Management

Planting & Management

Farm Woodlands has been involved in the Irish forestry industry since 1992, so if you are thinking of planting some land, no matter what size, we can help. Whether it’s for timber production or shelter, sporting use, habitat or landscape enhancement, we have the experience to put your ideas into action.


We are renowned for our personal, hands-on approach. We don’t delegate your project to sub-contractors and we value the relationships we have built up with our clients over the years.


Farm Woodlands has developed a 5-year management plan for landowners, where timber production is the main objective. We will establish your new woodland using the available grant aid and without hidden charges. Our contract relieves you of all the risks in creating the woodland and it provides you with the security of our complete service.

Woodland Planting


Our 5-year woodland planting & management plan includes –

  • Advice – we offer an initial free site survey, listen to your ideas and offer reliable advice.
  • Planning – we submit grant applications (no fees) on your behalf.
  • Approval – we take your project through the consultation and approval process.
  • Planting – we carry out the ground preparation and planting of your new woodland using only home-grown plants.
  • Maintenance – and for the next 5 years we conduct vegetation control, fertilizing and replacement of any dead stock to ensure your woodland passes its inspections –  all without additional charges.
  • Fire Insurance – during this 5-year maintenance programme we insure your woodland against fire damage – again free of charge.


trees after 19 yearsExisting Woodland Management

As your woodland grows, we continue to offer advice on various aspects from the health status of the trees to wildlife control if necessary.

We also offer specialist services such as formative shaping and thinning; tree surveys; timber valuations and timber forecasts to ensure your woodland is an asset that grows in value as it enhances the environment.



Planting Hedgesplanting 6

Biodiversity Enhancement

We also carry out a range of generally smaller planting projects where timber production is not the main aim.

These include plots of 0.2 Hectare (½ acre) or less to increase farmland biodiversity under various agri-environment schemes.

We also plant new hedgerows and rejuvenate old hedges by coppicing and interplanting.


Habitat Enhancement

We plant new woodland for a large number of free-range and organic egg and poultry producers. For these clients, habitat enrichment for the birds is the main objective.

Allowing the birds to roam in a woodland environment encourages their natural behaviours and the trees help off-set the farm carbon emissions.


100_2680 3Landscape Enhancement

We also plant for clients who need environmentally sensitive shelter or screening as part of planning regulations.


Please contact us for more details on our planting & management services